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What type of ship is Tommo initially traveling upon?

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What is the name of his ship?

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The story takes place on what islands?

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What country has just taken possession of the islands?

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How does the narrator come to live on the island?

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What are the Typees known for?

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With whom does Tommo fall in love?

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Who becomes Tommo's servant?

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Who is the main chieftain of the Typees?

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What is "poee-poee"?

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Which native speaks English?

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What is taboo for native women?

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What type of illness does Tommo suffer from?

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How does Tommo manage to escape?

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What do the Typees want Tommo to do?

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Why does Toby disappear from the valley?

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What does Mehevi give Fayaway special permission to do?

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What gift does Tommo bring for the natives?

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Which of the following is true?

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Which fruit do the Typees frequently eat?

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What do the Typees usually do first thing in the morning?

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Which of the following does not happen during Toby and Tommo's wandering?

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What is Tommo's primary activity in the Typee valley?

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What year does Typee take place?

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What item is tied near the roof of Tommo's hut?

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What leads to Tommo's renewed desire to flee?