Louie’s devoted older brother who was by Louie’s side as a child. In many ways, Pete acts like a second father to Louie. Unlike Louie, Pete is highly responsible and has a good reputation in the community. As a way of helping his younger brother stay out of trouble, Pete serves as Louie’s initial running coach. After Louie breaks into the school gym, Pete convinces Louie’s principal to allow Louie to join a sport.  Pete was also a very successful athlete. Pete attends USC and trains Louie while attending college. Pete becomes a Navy officer. During the war, Pete trains Navy recruits in San Diego. He worries about his brother. When he finally hears that Louie has returned to California, he briefly goes AWOL in order to reunite with his brother at a San Francisco hospital. After the war, he becomes a beloved high school coach of both football and track. When he finally retires from coaching, he is celebrated by hundreds and hundreds of people. Louie is by his side when he succumbs to melanoma in 2008.