Summary: Chapter 36, The Body on the Mountain

The chapter opens in Japan, with police officers searching for the Bird. He hides out as a farm laborer and follows reports of other war-crimes suspects who await trials. When he admits his identity to the farmer, the farmer mostly ignores the message.

Hillenbrand offers information about the other war-crimes suspects. These included Jimmie Sasaki, who is sentenced to six years of hard labor.

The Bird travels with the farmer and fears being recognized. In Tokyo, he risks visiting his mother and hides when detectives arrive. Later, the farmer opens a restaurant and the Bird works there. The farmer tries to arrange his marriage to a young woman, but the Bird decides to end the relationship.  He leaves the farmer and takes a job as a cowherd. When a young man and woman are later found dead by the summit of a Japanese mountain, newspapers report him to be dead.

Summary: Chapter 37, Twisted Ropes

Back in California, Louie remains secretly intent on murdering the Bird. He tries to finance a return trip to Japan with various failed investments. Alcohol becomes an all-consuming focus for Louie, as it is a way for him to escape his nightmares. Cynthia begs him to stop drinking. Louie’s friends and Pete try to talk to him. Louie and Cynthia get into some violent arguments. At one point, Cynthia escapes to her parents’ house before returning to Louie.

Louie feels as if God is playing with him. He forbids Cynthia from going to church or from listening to religious radio programs. In 1948, two things cause Louie to feel extreme emotions. Cynthia tells him that she is pregnant, and his former running opponent wins gold in the London Olympics. Louie believes that the Bird still possesses his dignity, and he wants that dignity back. He is focused on revenge.

One night Louie has a terrible dream of battling with the Bird and realizes that he had been strangling his pregnant wife. When the baby arrives, Louie is at first overjoyed, but then continues with his extreme drinking habits. He and Cynthia fight constantly, and she decides to file for divorce.