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Where does Louie grow up?

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What kind of a reputation does Louie have as a child?

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Who serves as Louie’s original running coach?

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When Louie competes in the Olympics, where are those games held?

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Where does Louie attend college?

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In the military, what is Louie’s role on the flight crew?

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What name do Louie’s crew members give to their plane?

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After training, where does Louie’s crew wait for action?

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What is the name of the doomed plane on which Louie, Phil, and Mac fly?

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What is the type of plane on which Louie most commonly flies?

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On the raft, what rationed provision does Mac consume?

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What information do the men share during the raft journey?

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What type of bird first lands on the raft?

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What happens when a Japanese plane spots the men on the raft?

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What else is on the wall when Louie carves his name into the cell wall in Kwajalein?

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What former college acquaintance does Louie encounter at the Ofuna camp?

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What is one of Bill Harris’s special skills?

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What plan do Louie, Frank Tinker, and Bill Harris create to escape Ofuna?

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After the first POW camp, Ofuna, to what location is Louie taken next?

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What is the name of the Japanese corporal who abuses Louie and others at both Omori and Naoetsu?

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Which of the following diseases does NOT afflict the POWs in the various camps?

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In the later years of the war, what type of Allied plane begins to be seen in the skies over Tokyo and later Naoetsu?

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What is the nationality of most of the prisoners at Naoetsu when Louie arrives there?

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What radio message confirms for Louie’s family that he did not die at sea?

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How does Louie overcome his nightmares and alcohol addiction?