Why do Cathy and Heathcliff develop such a strong bond?

Cathy Earnshaw is a willful and high-spirited child; she doesn’t like Heathcliff immediately, but Nelly explains that within a few days “Miss Cathy and he were now very thick.” Cathy enjoys being with Heathcliff because he is a brave and independent playmate, and he does not expect her to behave in a lady-like manner. After Cathy’s father’s death, Heathcliff and Cathy become even closer because they can share their grief. Nelly describes how “the little souls were comforting each other.” 

How does Heathcliff die?

As Hareton and Cathy Linton become closer, Heathcliff starts eating very little and wandering the moors at night. He tells Nelly that “there is a strange change approaching.” As Heathcliff’s behavior becomes more erratic, Nelly grows more alarmed, and the morning after a violent storm, she finds Heathcliff dead in bed with a strange smile on his face. The doctor is “perplexed to pronounce of what disorder the master died,” but Nelly believes it was Heathcliff’s intense emotional distress that led him to stop eating and, eventually, die. 

Why is Lockwood initially interested in Cathy Linton?

When Lockwood first visits Wuthering Heights, he is struck by Cathy Linton’s youth and beauty. He notes that she has “the most exquisite little face that I have ever had the pleasure of beholding.” (Lockwood also presumes that Cathy is an ignorant and sheltered country girl, which makes him feel wise and sophisticated in contrast. When he presumes that Cathy is married to Hareton, he thinks to himself “She has thrown herself away upon that boor, from sheer ignorance that better individuals existed.” 

Why does Isabella Linton leave Heathcliff?

After Cathy’s death, Hindley and Heathcliff have a violent confrontation in which Hindley unsuccessfully attempts to kill his enemy. Terrified, Isabella taunts Heathcliff, and he throws a knife at her. As Hindley and Heathcliff struggle, Isabella takes advantage of the opportunity to run, and “blest as a soul escaped from purgatory, I bounded, leaped and flew down the steep road.” She flees first to Thrushcross Grange and then leaves Yorkshire, never to return. The news that Isabella “had a son born, a few months after her escape” makes clear that she is pregnant when the fight occurs and is potentially fleeing to protect both herself and her unborn child. 

How do Cathy and Linton get to know each other?

After his mother’s death, Linton briefly stays with Edgar and Cathy but is then forced to go and live at Wuthering Heights with Heathcliff. On Cathy’s sixteenth birthday, she runs into Heathcliff on the moors, and he invites her back to the Heights to get to know Linton. After this meeting, Edgar forbids Cathy from visiting Linton, but the two write letters to each other. Then, when Nelly falls ill and can’t supervise Cathy properly, Cathy starts to sneak off to Wuthering Heights to visit Linton almost every evening. 


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