Wuthering Heights is a masterpiece of literary genius that is incredibly unpleasant to read”

This article discusses the ongoing emotional impact of Brontë’s novel, connecting it to its powerful representation of the cycles of intergenerational trauma and abuse. 

"Portraits of Emily Jane Brontë”

Emily Brontë died young, and there are only two known genuine portraits of her. This site presents a collection of images of both verified and disputed portraits of the author. 

“Who Is Heathcliff?”

This short article centers on the mysterious character of Heathcliff and includes images of early illustrations for Wuthering Heights, reviews, and a Preface written by Charlotte Brontë. 

“Charlotte Brontë’s 1850 Preface to Wuthering Heights

This page contains digital images of an 1850 edition of Wuthering Heights, which was issued after Emily Brontë’s death. It contains a Preface by her sister Charlotte and was also the first document to openly state the identity and gender of the author. 

“The Yorkshire Moors”

This site has maps and photographs of the Yorkshire region of England where Emily Brontë grew up and where she set her novel. 

“Wuthering Heights”

This podcast episode discusses the main themes and historical impact of the novel. 

“When Music and Literature Merge: Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

Article discusses the 1978 song and video Wuthering Heights in which the performer and song writer Kate Bush interprets aspects for the novel from the standpoint of Cathy Earnshaw.