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What is inscribed above the entrance of Wuthering Heights?

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What kind of countryside surrounds Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange?

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What destination does Cathy have in mind when she leaves Thrushcross Grange for the first time?

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What is the name of the village near Wuthering Heights?

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In what region of England was Emily Brontë raised?

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Who plans to live at Thrushcross Grange at the end of the novel?

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Over the course of the novel, which characters claim to see Catherine’s ghost?

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On what day do young Catherine and Hareton plan to be married?

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Why does Cathy climb over the garden wall?

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Who raises Hareton during the early years of his life?

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Who does Lockwood believe would have given Cathy a fairy tale life, if only she would have fallen in love with him?

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Which of the following characters dies first?

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Which of the following characters dies last?

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According to Heathcliff, when will Catherine’s body decompose?

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Where does Lockwood record Nelly’s story?

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Which character speaks the words “I am Heathcliff!”

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Which three names does Lockwood find inscribed in the window ledge near his bed at Wuthering Heights?

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Where does Earnshaw originally find Heathcliff?

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Where is Catherine buried?

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At what age is Linton taken away from Thrushcross Grange by Heathcliff?

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At what age is Linton reunited with Cathy?

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Whom does Hindley force to work as a servant in his home?

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Whom does Heathcliff force to work as a servant in his home?

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Where do Catherine and Heathcliff first become close?

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Whom does Edgar Linton sometimes forbid his daughter to visit?