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According to Oliver, what would Orlando bring to a wrestling match with Charles?

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Why does Oliver inherit the bulk of his father’s estate?

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At what event do Orlando and Rosalind meet?

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What name does Rosalind assume for her disguised self?

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Why does Duke Frederick dislike Orlando?

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Upon his introduction in Act II, scene i, Duke Senior gathers his loyal followers in the Forest of Ardenne for what purpose?

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How does Duke Frederick plan to find Celia and Rosalind after their departure from court?

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On what topic does Corin attempt to council the young shepherd, Silvius?

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Upon arriving in the Forest of Ardenne, Adam claims that he will soon die. What does he assume the cause of his death will be?

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After an eye-opening stroll around the Forest of Ardenne, what profession does Jaques intend to pursue?

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How much time does Duke Frederick allow Oliver to find Orlando?

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What does the disguised Rosalind promise to do for Orlando?

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Why does Rosalind doubt that Orlando is truly in love?

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What does Silvius say of Phoebe’s eyes?

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Why does Rosalind believe that Phoebe should feel lucky?

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How does Phoebe respond to Ganymede’s harsh criticism of her?

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Whom does Orlando save from the attack of a hungry lioness?

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What does Rosalind do after learning of Orlando’s injury?

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How does Rosalind respond to Orlando when he contends that he will die unless she returns his love?

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What animal do Jaques and the lords of the forest kill?

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Which inhabitant of the forest and admirer of Audrey does Touchstone rudely dismiss?

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With whom does Oliver fall in love?

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To what does Rosalind compare the declarations of love from Orlando, Silvius, and Phoebe?

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Why does Duke Frederick abandon his plan to mount an army and attack Duke Senior?

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Who decides not to return to court?