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At what tavern do Falstaff and friends congregate?

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Where does the final battle of the play take place?

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Who was king before Henry IV?

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Why does Harry say he is spending so much time with Falstaff?

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Why does Kate confront Hotspur?

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How do the Percys justify their rebellion?

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In the battle, what does Falstaff carry in place of a pistol?

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Who kills Hotspur?

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Why does Henry decide to execute Worcester?

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Approximately when was the play written?

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What is Glyndˆwr’s nationality?

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What is the Douglas’s nationality?

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To what family does Hotspur belong?

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Who is John of Lancaster?

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With whom does Harry trick Falstaff during the robbery?

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Where did Gadshill get his name?

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How does Falstaff survive the battle?

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What is Falstaff’s favorite literary device?

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What is Falstaff’s first name?

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Which captive does Hotspur wish to have released?

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How does the Archbishop of York feel about the king?

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Why does Hotspur’s father say he will not go to battle?

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How did Henry obtain the crown?

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Which of the following traits do Harry and Hotspur have in common?

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Who kills Falstaff?