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Who is the first to criticize Cardinal Wolsey?

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What happens after this person criticizes Wolsey?

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Where does the king first meet Anne?

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How do the commoners feel about Wolsey after Buckingham's sentencing?

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What does Anne think about the idea of being queen?

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The king wants a divorce; whom does he ask for it?

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How does the queen respond to Henry's desire for a divorce?

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What does Wolsey hope will result from the divorce?

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The king wants to divorce Katharine because she has failed him how?

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What does the king intercept of Wolsey's?

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When the king questions Wolsey, how does Wolsey respond?

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What does the king decide to do about Wolsey?

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The crowd wants to see Anne's procession to the Abbey for what event?

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Katharine forgives Wolsey and then has a vision presaging her own:

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Which of the king's friends returns from abroad to a hostile court?

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What favor does the king do for his friend?

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What do the Council members want to do to Cranmer?

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What does the king do at the Council meeting?

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The worst thing Cranmer can be accused of is:

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How does Cranmer respond to his accusers?

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Does Anne give birth?

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The commoners are excited for another royal event now; what is it?

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Who performs the baptism?

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What is the child named?

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What does Cranmer say her future holds?