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In this book, Yale critic Harold Bloom compiles a list of critical essays on Julius Caesar, reflecting a variety of schools of criticism. It also includes notes on the contributing critics and a chronology of the author’s life.

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This is the Julius Caesar section of the famous Arden compilation, which includes the texts of all of Shakespeare’s plays, poems, and sonnets. An introductory essay for the play discusses the contemporary context for the play, its position within the Shakespeare oeuvre, and its subsequent performance history.

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This is the introductory essay for Julius Caesar in The Norton Shakespeare Compilation, which includes all of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets. This essay provides essential context for the play and briefly discusses its performance history.

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This book is a biographical and historical study of Julius Caesar and his times. From the jacket cover: “Nardo's biography catches the essence of the man and his times. Caesar, in presiding over the death of the Roman Republic, was at times brutal and savage, at other times magnanimous to his enemies.”

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Essays in this reading guide discuss the plot, sources, setting, characterization, and themes of Shakespeare's play. Shakespeare, William. 

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In this book, the original text of the play is paired with discussions of Shakespeare's life and world, dramatic criticism, and textual commentaries.

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This book provides the original text of the play as well as an overview of Shakespeare’s life world and theater, a special introduction to the play by the editor, selections from Plutarch’s Lives, dramatic criticism, as well as a comprehensive stage and screen history.