BBC performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
This BBC adaptation was originally broadcast on April 13th 1969. It features Robert Stephens as Mark Antony, Maurice Denham as Julius Caesar, Frank Finlay as Brutus, and Edward Woodward as Cassius.

Marlon Brando as Mark Antony
A short clip from the 1953 film featuring Marlon Brando as Mark Antony. Here, Antony delivers his famous speech at Caesar’s funeral.

The Complete Life of Julius Caesar
This podcast provides historical information about the life of Julius Caesar and Augustus, the first emperor of Rome.

The Rise and Fall of Julius Caesar
This podcast examines the historical rise and fall of Julius Caesar, and his prowess as a military commander and politician.

Shakespeare, Caesar, Culture, and Politics
This podcast explores Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and the way it addresses questions of politics and culture. The lecture is delivered by Dr. Khalil Habib, associate professor of philosophy at Wyoming Catholic College.

University of Oxford Podcasts: Julius Caesar
This audio lecture on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar focuses on the issues of structure, tone, and politics.