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How does Caesar first enter the play?

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What does the Soothsayer say to Caesar?

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What does Cassius first ask Brutus?

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What does Brutus admit to Cassius?

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What does Antony offer Caesar in the marketplace?

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That night, which of the following omens are seen?

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What finally convinces Brutus to join the conspirators?

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Why does Calpurnia urge Caesar to stay home rather than appear at the Senate?

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Why does Caesar ignore Calpurnia’s warnings?

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What does Artemidorus offer Caesar in the street?

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What do the conspirators do at the Senate?

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What does Antony do when he arrives at Caesar’s body?

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After the assassination of Caesar, which of the conspirators addresses the plebeians first?

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What is Brutus’s explanation for killing Caesar?

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What does Antony tell the crowd?

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What is the crowd’s response?

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Who is Octavius?

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Octavius and Antony join together with whom?

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Why do Brutus and Cassius argue?

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What news do Brutus and Cassius receive from Rome?

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What appears at Brutus’s bedside in camp?

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What does Cassius think has happened to his and Brutus’s armies?

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What is Cassius’s response to the situation?

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What does Brutus do when he sees the battle lost?

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What does Antony call Brutus?