Full Title  Miss Julie

Author August Strindberg

Type of Work Drama

Genre Naturalistic tragedy

Language Swedish

Time and place written France, late 1880s

Date of First Publication 1888; initially banned in Sweden; published in Copenhagen in 1889

Publisher Seligmanns forlag (Stockholm)

Narrator None

Climax Julie and Jean have sex

Protagonists Julie, Jean

Antagonist Julie, Jean

Setting (time) Midsummer Eve, 1880s

Setting (place) Sweden, the Count's manor house

Falling Action The unmasking of Jean and fall of Julie

Tense Present

Foreshadowing Miss Julie is described as white as a "ghost," yearns for death, and hypnotically surrenders to Jean; Serena is decapitated; Jean sharpens his razor

Tone Tragic

Themes The degenerate woman; class and gender conflict

Motifs Idealization and degradation; hypnotism; animal doubles; the pantomime and ballet

Symbols The signs of the Count's authority: the ringing bell, the boots, Jean's livery, the speaking tube