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What is Diana's problem?

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What sermon is being given on Midsummer's day?

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Where would Jean like to open a hotel?

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What does the hypnotist tell his subject in Miss Julie's explanation of hypnotism?

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What did Jean catch Miss Julie doing to her fiancé?

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Who conspired to burn down the estate?

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In his ostensible attempt at suicide, Jean lies down in a bed of what?

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Why has Miss Julie stayed home on Midsummer Eve?

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Who else has attempted suicide in the play?

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Who does Christine ask Jean to play in the final scene?

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What does Miss Julie have Jean remove early on in their seduction?

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Why did the estate fall into ruin under the Countess's direction?

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What adorns the fountain visible through the glass doors?

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What does Christine not do in the first pantomime?

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If Julie confesses to her father, she imagines that he will do what?

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At the very beginning of the play, Jean describes Miss Julie as what?

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What "immediately" leads Miss Julie to flee with Jean to his room?

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Jean's childhood memory of Julie places her in what setting?

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Late in the play, Julie delivers a tirade on annihilating Jean's "entire sex." What precipitates this speech?

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What does Jean see move of its own accord at the end of the play?

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Who wrote a story that might have provided the point of departure for Miss Julie?

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What is Christine cooking at the beginning of the play?

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What is Jean's job?

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What is Christine carrying in her last entrance?

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From whom has Miss Julie learned to hate women?