Summary: Arya

Held captive by Gregor Clegane and his Lannister raiding party, Arya sees other prisoners interrogated, tortured, and killed. Clegane is especially interested in information about Beric Dondarrion and his guerilla army, but no one knows anything. Arya learns the names of her captors and every night, along with the names of her other enemies, repeats them to herself so she doesn't forget them. Gregor takes them to Harrenhal, where they must work for Twyin Lannister and his forces. Arya, now known as Weasel, goes to work in the kitchens of the supposedly haunted castle.

Summary: Daenerys

Daenerys and her people arrive at the magnificent city of Qarth. Daenerys stays in the luxurious house of Xaro Xhoan Daxos, a wealthy merchant. Jorah goes to the docks and returns to Daenerys with a ship captain who tells her that Robert Baratheon has died and that the Seven Kingdoms are in chaos. Daenerys announces her plans to use her dragons to retake her family’s throne.

Summary: Bran

Jojen and Meera Reed stay on at Winterfell after the other lords and ladies depart. Ramsay Bolton has forced Lady Hornwood to marry him. Lord Manderly has seized Lady Hornwood’s castle and claims to be protecting it, so Rodrik has gone to sort matters out. The Reeds tell Bran that he should not stay at Winterfell. Jojen claims to have greensight, the ability to see future events in dreams. Bran appeared to him as a chained and winged wolf whom Jojen and Meera must free. Jojen believes Bran has special abilities, if only he would use them. He says that Bran and Summer are intertwined, but Bran gets angry and Summer tries to attack Jojen before Hodor shoos the wolf away. Luwin says that greensight used to exist, but he doubts that it still does, as the magic that may have once been in the world has disappeared. Meera tells Bran about another dream of Jojen’s, this one involving the Freys. Bran does not understand the dream, but Meera says he eventually will. Bran begins to think Luwin might be right.

Summary: Tyrion

Ser Lancel Lannister, a cousin of Tyrion and Cersei who serves as Cersei’s special assistant, comes to Tyrion and says that Cersei demands the release of Pycelle. Tyrion rebuffs him, pointing out that Lancel is Cersei’s lover and that Lancel’s role in Robert’s death could incriminate him. Lancel agrees to spy on Cersei in exchange for Tyrion’s silence. Tyrion secretly goes to visit Shae.

Summary: Arya

Arya cleans and run errands for Weese at Harrenhal. She hears a great deal of gossip about the activities of lords and ladies and the progress of the war. A group of Tywin’s sellswords known as the Brave Companions comes to the castle. Arya learns that Robb has his forces nearby at Riverrun. Ser Amory Lorch and his men arrive, with Jaqen H’ghar and the other two prisoners Arya freed in their company. Jaqen comes to Arya at night and says that he will take any three lives Arya requests, as repayment for the three lives Arya saved. Arya later overhears Chiswyck, one of Gregor Clegane’s men, bragging about a gang rape. She says his name to Jaqen, and three days later Chiswyck dies in a fall from the castle walls. People say that the ghost of Harrenhal has killed him, and Arya thinks that she is the ghost.

Summary: Catelyn

Catelyn meets with Renly and Stannis at Storm’s End, hoping to prevent them from fighting one another, but neither appears willing to compromise. Stannis tells Catelyn about Joffrey’s incestuous parentage. Catelyn suspects he might be correct. Renly and Stannis argue, and preparations begin for battle the next day. Catelyn goes to a nearby sept to pray.