Summary: Catelyn

Catelyn prays in a sept near Renly’s camp. She realizes that Eddard must have known about Joffrey’s incestuous parentage and that Bran must have discovered something about it as well. Catelyn brings her realization to Renly and asks him to stop the battle and call a great council with Robb and Stannis so they can uncover the truth. Renly refuses. As he prepares for battle in his tent, a shadow suddenly flits through and kills him. Renly’s advisors burst in, and thinking Brienne the murderer, attack her. As she fights them off, Catelyn tells them that Stannis killed Renly using dark magic, and Catelyn and Brienne flee.

Summary: Jon

The men camp at an ancient hill fort called the Fist of the First Men. Ghost refuses to enter the ringed fortifications. Jon follows Ghost into the forest, where the direwolf digs up a bag of knives and spear points made of dragonglass. They are wrapped in the cloak of a ranger of the Night’s Watch.

Summary: Bran

Luwin tells Bran and the Freys about Robb’s victory over Stafford Lannister. The Freys’ uncle died of wounds sustained in the battle, but the boys do not seem upset. Bran realizes that Jojen’s dream has come true. Bran asks Jojen to tell him more about his dreams, and Jojen tells him that he dreamed that the sea came and drowned Winterfell. Bran tells Jojen about his own dreams, and Jojen tells Bran that he is a warg. Rodrik returns to Winterfell with the captured Reek, Ramsay Bolton’s comrade. After marrying Lady Hornwood, Ramsay starved her to death. Rodrik’s men killed Ramsay, and Rodrik wants to kill Reek but needs him alive as a witness to Ramsay’s crimes. Rodrik fears that there will be a civil war in the north. Jojen tells Bran that he dreamed of the man called Reek skinning the faces off Bran and Rickon, and of Bran and Rickon in the Winterfell crypts.

Summary: Tyrion

Varys tells the royal council about Renly’s death and that there are so many rumors about what happened that the truth cannot be determined. Varys informs them that most of Renly’s forces have joined with Stannis, although the powerful Tyrell faction did not. Tyrion proposes that they betroth Joffrey to Margaery Tyrell, Renly’s widow, and thus secure the allegiance of the Tyrells. Littlefinger will go to the Tyrells to make the arrangements. Cersei acts sweetly to Tyrion and thanks him for all he has done, which makes him suspicious.

Summary: Theon

Theon and his men raid and destroy a coastal village. One of the men they defeated tells Theon that Robb will kill him for his treachery. Theon sees some of his men fighting over plunder, so he kills one as a demonstration of his authority. Theon tells one of his best captains, Dagmer Cleftjaw, that he is changing their plans and wants Dagmer involved in a potentially devastating sneak attack on the inland castles. Dagmer is to lay siege to Torrhen’s Square, which Theon says will draw Rodrik and his men out of Winterfell in defense. Theon implies that he will take Winterfell.

Summary: Arya

Tywin Lannister prepares to march his forces out of Harrenhal, though he will leave behind Amory Lorch and his men. Arya overhears numerous rumors about Robb and his supposed supernatural abilities. Weese slaps Arya, so she gives his name to Jaqen, though she regrets it when she sees Tywin and his men leaving, as she realizes they are the people she should have had Jaqen kill. She tries to find Jaqen to change her request, but she discovers that Weese has already been killed, his throat torn out by his own dog.