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What subject does Codi teach?

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What do twins mean in Pueblo culture?

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What is Doc Homer's real family (last) name?

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What is the name of Loyd's dog?

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Of what are Codi and her mother both afraid?

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What color is Loyd's truck?

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What did Emelina do in high school?

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Who is Grace named after?

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What tradition does Loyd carry on from his father?

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In what state is Grace?

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Where does Codi live on her return to Grace?

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What does Black Mountain Mine dump in the river?

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What does the Stitch and Bitch Club sell in Tucson?

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Where does Loyd work?

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Why does Rita Cardenal drop out of high school?

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What happens to Codi at the end of her first year of teaching?

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What is Mr. Rideheart's profession?

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Who is Alice Kimball to Codi?

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What does Hallie go to Nicaragua to do?

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What is wrong with Doc Homer?

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Who is John Tucker?

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What does Carlo do for a living?

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Why does Codi remember her mother's death?

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How old was Codi when she lost her baby?