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What is the name of the process that allows the Hatchery to produce many clones from a single egg?

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The term for birth in the Hatchery is

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How are children in the Nursery conditioned to dislike books and flowers?

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What two hypnopaedic lessons are the children in the Nursery learning during the boys’ tour of the Hatchery?

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Why does Fanny try to convince Lenina to be more promiscuous?

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Why are Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson friends?

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How does the Solidarity Service end?

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How does Bernard convince Lenina to go on a date with him?

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Where is the Savage Reservation located?

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How does Lenina react to observing the Savage religious ritual?

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Which one of the following World State sayings has to do with soma?

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What is the purpose of the religious ritual performed by the Savages?

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Why was Linda attacked by the other women of the village in the Reservation?

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What was the first book that John read as a child?

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What is the name of the feely that John watches on his date with Lenina?

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After his return from the Reservation with the Savage, what event leads to Bernard’s fall from social grace?

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Why is Helmholtz first criticized by the World State authorities?

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What is the lesson of the Cyprus experiment described by Mustapha Mond?

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What did Mustapha Mond do that almost got him exiled to an island?

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Mustapha Mond says that “You can’t have a lasting civilization without . . .”

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What does “V.P.S.” stand for?

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After retreating to the lighthouse, what does John do that first attracts the reporters?

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What motivates John’s suicide at the end of the novel?

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Mustapha Mond tells John that civilizations have to choose between God and

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Of the following, who rejects Lenina's sexual advances?