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What is Maya Angelou’s birth name?

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Why did Maya and Bailey’s parents send them to Stamps, Arkansas?

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How did Maya and Bailey get to Stamps?

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Why does Uncle Willie hide in the potato bin?

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Who is the “most important person” in Maya’s life?

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Which author is Maya’s first love?

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What does Momma do while the poor white children mock her in the yard?

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What does Maya do to defy Mrs. Cullinan?

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Who is Maya’s first friend?

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What does Maya do for the first time in Mexico?

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Why does Bailey stay late at the movies?

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Who rapes Maya?

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Where does Maya live after running away from her father’s friend’s house?

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Which famous figure sustains black pride for those who congregate at the Store?

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How does Vivian make a living?

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Why does Maya stop talking?

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What does Grandfather Baxter teach his sons to be?

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In which city does Maya feel she belongs?

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Why does Maya sleep with the neighborhood boy?

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What does Maya hide from Vivian and Daddy Clidell?

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Whom does Maya consider a real father figure?

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What does Maya do before she slaps Dolores?

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Who makes Maya feel like an equal human being?

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Blacks replace what ethnic minority in San Francisco during World War II?

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What breakthrough does Maya achieve in San Francisco?