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Ellen's father is addicted to what?

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Ellen fantasizes about which of the following?

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What does Dora do on the way to Ellen's mother's funeral?

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How does Ellen's mother die?

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Whose clothes does Ellen wear to school?

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What is missing from Starletta's house?

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Why will Ellen not eat dinner with Starletta and her family?

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What do Starletta's parents give Ellen for Christmas?

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Where does Ellen go immediately after her father has sexually abused her?

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Ellen's father tries to bribe her into coming home with what?

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What must Ellen do before she can eat Sunday supper at her new mama's house?

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Of whom does Ellen remind her grandmother?

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With what does Ellen frame her grandmother's body?

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What does Julia give Ellen for her birthday?

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What does Ellen's grandmother do with the flag that Rudolph brings over?

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Who, inadvertently, has been providing Ellen and her father with envelopes of money?

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Starletta has a crush on whom?

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Mavis tells Ellen that she once knew whom?

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Why does Ellen invite Starletta over to her new mama's house?

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What Christmas gift does Ellen ask Nadine to buy her?

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What does Ellen's new mama do especially for Starletta's arrival?

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What does Ellen wear to impress her new mama when she first goes to see her?

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For Christmas, Ellen paints Nadine and Dora a picture of what?

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How does Ellen seek revenge on Dora?

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Which of the following does Ellen keep secret and especially for herself?

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What does Ellen offer to her new mama in return for a stable home?