1. A Farewell to Arms is a love story as well as a war novel. Discuss the role of love in the novel: how does love affect the characters’ perceptions of war? How does the war shape the characters’ love story?

2.F. Scott Fitzgerald considered Catherine’s character the weak link in A Farewell to Arms. With attention to Catherine’s values and motivations and to the way Hemingway portrays her character, do you agree with Fitzgerald’s opinion? Why or why not?

3. What is the role of foreshadowing in A Farewell to Arms? How might Hemingway’s subtle signaling to the reader that Catherine will die in childbirth change the way the reader approaches the final chapters?

4. Critics often discuss Hemingway’s fiction as a celebration of a specific type of manhood. What kind of man does A Farewell to Arms celebrate, and how does Hemingway achieve this effect?