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At the beginning of the novel, Henry reports that seven thousand soldiers have died due to what?

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Immediately before Henry kisses Catherine for the first time, they make a pact to do what?

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Hemingway famously said that a writer can “omit things that he knows and that a reader, if the writer is writing truly enough, will have a feeling of those things as strongly as though the writer had stated them.” What term best describes this philosophy?

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Before Henry heads off to the front at Pavla, what does Catherine give him?

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Before the trench mortar wounds him, why does Henry leave the dugout?

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How does Mrs. Walker greet Henry upon his arrival at the American hospital in Milan?

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Why does the barber who comes to shave Henry almost kill him?

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What is the name of the good-natured doctor who agrees to operate on Henry’s leg?

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Why does Catherine decide to bet on a certain horse in a race that she believes has been fixed?

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How does Catherine respond to the news that Henry has received three weeks of convalescent leave?

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What characteristic makes Ettore Moretti a good contrast to Lieutenant Henry?

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What does Henry do when the engineering sergeants in Aymo’s car refuse to help rescue the vehicle from the mud?

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Where does Catherine accompany Henry before he leaves for the front?

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In what year was A Farewell to Arms published?

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Why do the battle police seize Henry?

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How is Henry wounded after he crawls out of the river?

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In Milan, who lends Henry a suit of civilian clothing?

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What is Helen Ferguson’s reaction upon seeing Henry in Stresa?

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Why do the Swiss guards argue in front of Catherine and Henry?

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Which destination do Catherine and Henry claim they have come to Switzerland to visit?

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In later life, what nickname did Hemingway assume to convey a sense of strength, wisdom, and mastery?

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Why does Catherine suggest that Henry grow a beard?

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Before she dies, what does Catherine say that the world has done to her?

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What place does Catherine dream of visiting after she officially marries Henry?

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What is Henry’s reaction to his child’s birth?