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On the barricade, why does Eponine throw herself in front of the soldier’s rifle?

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Who is not a blood member of the Thénardier family?

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Why does Myriel let Valjean spend the night in his house?

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Which of the following solves Montreuil-sur-mer’s economic problems?

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Why does Thénardier save Georges Pontmercy’s life?

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Who is Cosette’s biological father?

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Why does Fauchelevent let Valjean and Cosette stay in the convent?

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What does Javert do near the end of the novel?

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Where does Marius first see Cosette?

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How does Valjean escape from the Orion?

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Why was Valjean originally arrested?

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Why does Fantine lose her factory job?

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Why do the Thénardiers throw Gavroche out of their house?

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How do Valjean and Marius escape from the barricade?

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Who is the leader of the Friends of the ABC?

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When are Marius and Gillenormand finally reconciled?

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Why does Marius feel indebted to Thénardier?

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Why does Gillenormand refuse to let Marius see his father?

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Which of the following qualities does not describe the Thénardiers?

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Why does Eponine give Cosette’s address to Marius?

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Which of the following does not contribute to Valjean’s decision to go to England?

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When Enjolras orders Javert’s execution, what does Valjean do?

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Where does Marius’s father die?

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When Javert tries to arrest Madeleine, what does Fantine do?

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Which character does Hugo depict as an almost saintly figure?