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1Wellington, which Christopher discovers dead at the outset of the novel, is what kind of animal?

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2What implement was used to kill Wellington?

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3Why does the police officer arrest Christopher at the murder scene?

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4How do Father and Mother express to Christopher that they love him?

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5According to Christopher’s system, what kind of day will it be if Christopher sees four yellow cars in a row?

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6What would Christopher like to be at the start of the book?

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7What does Christopher use to label the book’s chapters?

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8Which test does Christopher want to be the first at his school to take?

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9What genre does Christopher label his book as?

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10Who is Siobhan?

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11What is Christopher’s favorite book?

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12What does The Case of the Cottingley Fairies refer to?

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13Which colors does Christopher dislike?

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14What concept does the Monty Hall problem demonstrate?

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15To what does Christopher compare his memory?

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16Where does Father take Christopher to apologize for their fight?

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17Who is Toby?

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18Where does Christopher find the letters from Mother?

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19How does Christopher define love?

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20Where does Christopher spend the night after Father confesses to killing Wellington?

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21Which of the following is not a logic puzzle, concept, or rule, mentioned in the novel?

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22From sight, Christopher would be able to recognize which of the following facial expressions?

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23At the end of the novel, what does Father give to Christopher?

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24Which of the following characters is alive at the end of the novel?

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25At the end of the novel, Christopher is hopeful for the future for all but which of the following reasons?