1. Discuss the role of Charlie’s brother in the novel. How does Charlie’s relationship with his brother change throughout the novel? How does Charlie’s family treat his brother? How does the brother treat Charlie’s family?

Analyze the date-rape that Charlie recalls witnessing early in the novel. How does Charlie remember the scene, and how does Charlie come to terms with this memory? What effect does this scene have throughout the rest of the book?

Discuss the role of Charlie’s psychiatrists. How are his psychiatrists similar to or different from the “friend” to whom he writes his letters?

Analyze the series of books that Bill gives Charlie. What books does Charlie read, when does he read them, and how do they either reflect or influence events happening in his life at the same time?

Discuss the relationship between the final letter of Part 4 and the Epilogue. How would the book have been different if the book did not have the Epilogue?