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When Charlie drives through the tunnel with Patrick and Sam, what adjective does he use to describe how he feels?

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What is the last book that Bill gives Charlie to read before the summer?

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Who starts talking to Charlie in the park when Patrick leaves him by himself?

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What kind of dance does Mary Elizabeth invite Charlie to on their first date?

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What role does Patrick play in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

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Where does Charlie’s brother go to college?

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What does Bill contemplate doing instead of staying in town and being a high school English teacher?

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Where does Sam eventually go to college?

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What does Charlie do to the person he saw date-raping a girl at his brother’s party?

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What game causes Charlie and Mary Elizabeth to break up?

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What is the final gift that Charlie gets from his Secret Santa?

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What Christmas gift does Charlie finally find for his father?

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What grade does Bill gives Charlie on his first essay, which is about To Kill a Mockingbird?

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What does Sam give Charlie for Christmas?

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When Charlie’s brother and sister get into a fight in the car on Christmas, who drives the family the rest of the way to Ohio?

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What drug does Charlie take at the New Years’ party?

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When is the letter in the Epilogue written in relation to the final letter of Part 4?

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What does Charlie do with the book of poetry that Mary Elizabeth gives him?

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When Charlie introduces himself to the kid who has the locker next to his, what does the kid say?

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Who first calls Charlie a “wallflower”?

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How does Charlie interact with drugs at the party after the homecoming?

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When Patrick, Sam, and Charlie are driving through the tunnel, who stands up?

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When Charlie has his first sex dream about Sam, what does he do?

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What does Charlie do over spring break, when none of his friends are talking to him due to the debacle with Mary Elizabeth?

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When Patrick kisses Charlie, where are they?