Summary: June 5, 1992

Patrick, Sam, and Charlie run up a hill to the eighteenth green of the golf course, running into the sunset, and Charlie is happy. They go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the last time, and Patrick decides to play Frank ‘N Furter for old times’ sake. Charlie persuades his sister to go to the show, and she and her new boyfriend dance the “Time Warp.” Afterwards, Charlie goes to a party at Craig’s, and he serves as the deejay, which he loves, since it allows him to participate and observe at the same time.

Summary: June 9, 1992, and June 10, 1992

On prom night, Charlie is alone in his room, facing the fact that all of his friends are graduating. Sam is going to be at a college prep program all summer, and Charlie is especially sad about her leaving. Charlie is feeling lonelier and lonelier as each day passes and graduation approaches. Bill invites Charlie to his house to spend an afternoon with Bill and his girlfriend.

Summary: June 13, 1992

Charlie reports to his “friend” that Sam and Craig have broken up. Apparently, Craig had been cheating on Sam for a while. Mary Elizabeth’s boyfriend, Peter, knew about it, and he tried to get Craig to tell her the truth, but Craig always had excuses why he wouldn’t tell. Peter went along with Craig’s logic until after the prom, but at the after-prom party, Peter heard Sam talking to Mary Elizabeth about long-term plans with Craig, and Peter convinced Craig to tell Sam. Charlie claims that he’s not happy about Craig and Sam breaking up.

Charlie goes to Bill’s house, where Bill and his girlfriend serve salad and pasta, and they play records. Bill tells Charlie how special he is, and that he considers Charlie to be not just a student but a friend. The last person who called Charlie special was Aunt Helen.

Summary: June 16, 1992

Charlie rides the bus home on the last day of school and remembers all the bus rides of is past. Charlie’s brother comes home from college. Charlie mentions the great things that the sportscaster had said about Charlie’s brother, but when Charlie’s parents ask Charlie where he’d been talking to the sportscaster, Charlie realizes that he’s made a mistake, but luckily, people don’t ask too many questions. Charlie’s relatives come to the house for a graduation brunch to celebrate Charlie’s sister’s graduation. Charlie’s grandfather makes some racist remarks, but other than that, things go pretty smoothly. Charlie’s sister is the salutatorian, so she gets to make a speech.

That night, after Charlie’s relatives leave, he goes to hang out with Patrick and Sam at a dance club downtown, and Charlie waxes poetic about driving through the tunnel. At the dance club, Charlie dances with Sam. After the club, they go to Peter’s apartment, and Charlie gives his friends gifts. He gives Patrick and Sam the books that he’s been reading all year, along with a card saying that he wants Patrick and Sam to have his favorite books because they’re his favorite people. Sam confesses to Charlie that she’s scared to go to college, but says that they can call each other if things get too overwhelming. On the next day, the last day of school, Charlie approaches the kid in the locker next to him and introduces himself for the first time. The kid says, “I know.”