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What kind of gun does Henry Dobbins carry?

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What is Jimmy Cross’s rank?

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What sport did Martha play at Mount Sebastian College?

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Why does Ted Lavender take tranquilizers?

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How does Ted Lavender die?

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How do Jimmy Cross and Martha reunite?

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What is the average age of the Alpha Company members?

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What is O’Brien’s summer job before the war?

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What is the outcome of the fight between Dave Jensen and Lee Strunk over Jensen’s missing jackknife?

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What is the pact between Jensen and Strunk?

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How is Curt Lemon killed?

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What happens when Curt Lemon is called in to see the dentist?

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Who flies his girlfriend to Vietnam?

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At the end of “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong,” what is Mary Anne Bell wearing?

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Who tells the story of “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong”?

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What item does Henry Dobbins wear around his neck?

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How does O’Brien kill a Vietnamese soldier outside My Khe?

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When the platoon burns a village and then finds a young girl dancing, who mocks her?

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What medal does Norman Bowker almost win?

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Where does Kiowa die?

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Who runs the Tip Top Lodge?

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What does a young soldier share with Kiowa the night before Kiowa’s death?

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When O’Brien returns to Vietnam more than twenty years after the war, whom does he bring with him?

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A few days after O’Brien arrives in Vietnam, who tells him to “introduce himself” to a corpse?

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Why did O’Brien’s relationship with Linda end?