Many things he also suffered in war, Until he built a city, and brought his gods Into Latium; from which came the Latin race, The Alban sires, and walls of lofty Rome.

Meanwhile, below, Neptune was conscious of the sea disturbed With loud uproar, and of the tempest sent, And the calm deeps convulsed. Profoundly moved, He gazes up, and lifts his placed head Above the waves; over all the ocean sees Aeneas’ scattered fleet; the Trojan hosts Oppressed with waves and the down-rushing sky.

Fixed to the spot he stood, and weeping, said: “What place, Achates, and what land on earth Is not replete with stories our woes? See, Priam!—Worthy deeds even here are praised, And mortal sufferings move their thoughts and tears. Banish all fear! This fame some safety brings.”

There stood Aeneas, shining in the light, With countenance and shoulders like a god.

The Phoenician Dido with sweet words Detains him; I have fears how it may fare With those Junonian hospitalities. At such a turning point in these affairs She will not pause. Therefore I meditate How I beforehand may posses this queen, And gird her round with flames, lest she should change By influence of any deity, But side with me in the great love she bears To Aeneas.