A twelve days’ truce is settled; and meanwhile The Trojans and the Latins, freely mixed, Roamed through the forests on the hills, in peace.

“Equal terms Of amity and peace let us declare, Inviting them as allies to our realm. There let them settle and build their cities, If such their wish. But if of other lands They wish possession and can leave our soil, Then twice ten vessels of Italian oak, Or more, if they can fill them, let us build.

The combat deepens with Camilla’s death. And the whole Trojan force, the Tuscan chiefs, And all the Arcadian troops come rushing on.

All power is unavailing to resist. The Trojans pressing on, and dealing death.

Far off Aeneas saw the plains Smoking with dust, and sees the Latian troops Across the plains. And Turnus also knew Aeneas, in his formidable arms, And heard the trampling feet and snorting steeds. Then would they two have engaged in battle, Had not the red sun in the western waves Plunged his weary coursers, and day declined In night. Within their camps before the town They rest, with trench and rampart girded round.