Hidden in the leafy darkness of a tree, There is a golden bough, the leaves and stem Also of gold, and sacred to the queen Of the infernal realm.

“Ah, Dido, was it true then, the report That told your death: slain by your own hands? Alas! was I the cause? Now by the stars I swear, and by the gods above, and all There is of faith and truth below the earth, Not willingly, O queen, I left your shore. It was the gods,”

“But you, O Roman, bend your mind to rule Your people with strength. This shall be your art: To impose both terms and rules of peace; To spare the vanquished, and subdue the proud.”

And when Anchises thus Had led his son through each, and had inflamed His mind with strong desire of future fame, He tells him of the wars that would be waged; The city of Latinus, and the lands Of the Laurentian tribes; and how to bear, how shun, the hardships of his future lot.