Margot Frank is Anne’s older sister. It is difficult to give a full account of Margot’s character and personality because Anne does not give her a lot of attention in her diary. However, readers can determine that Margot is beautiful, intelligent, and mild-mannered. These aspects of Margot’s character are important because they lead to resentment on Anne’s part, especially towards the beginning of the diary when Anne is younger. Anne is wilder and more temperamental than Margot which causes Anne (and others) to compare the two sisters. For example, Anne recalls a moment before the Franks went into hiding when Anne’s average report card is compared with Margot’s report card, which is filled with top marks. Anne often describes feeling jealous of her sister and feels that other people, including their own family members, prefer Margot and treat her better. 

However, Anne matures over the course of the two years they spent in hiding and her relationship with Margot starts to improve. The two of them even reach a point where they allow the other to read their respective diaries. One crucial moment in the sisters’ relationship occurs after Anne asks Margot if Margot is jealous of Anne’s relationship with Peter. Margot responds to Anne’s question with a letter where she says that while she does not wish to have that kind of a relationship with Peter, she does wish that she had someone else to confide in too. This moment is significant because Margot’s desire for a confidant echoes the wishes that Anne expressed for the same thing at the start of her diary, suggesting that Margot and Anne are not as different as Anne originally thinks.