1. Who is Pim?

2. What does Albert Dussel do for a living before he goes into hiding?

3. What does Anne receive for her thirteenth birthday?

4. What group are the Franks hiding from?

5. What is the Gestapo?

6. Why doesn’t Mr. Dussel’s wife join them in hiding?

7. Who is Peter’s mother?

8. What is D-Day?

9. Who eventually publishes Anne’s diary?

10. What friend of Anne’s shows up in one of her dreams?

11. What does Anne call her diary?

12. What does Anne want to be when she grows up?

13. Who gives Anne her first kiss?

14. Who is Margot?

15. What are ration coupons used for?

16. What symbol are Jews required to wear during the Nazi occupation?

17. Why does Anne not ride any streetcars?

18. Who is Bep?

19. Where was Anne born?

20. How many people ultimately live in the annex?

21. Why did the Franks tell people they were going to Switzerland?

22. To which concentration camp was Anne sent?

23. By the conclusion of the diary, Anne believes that people are fundamentally

24. Which of Anne’s relatives survived the Holocaust?

25. What does Anne hope to ask Peter about?