Is The Diary of Anne Frank a novel?

No. The Diary of Anne Frank is Anne Frank’s real diary which spans from June 1942 to August 1944. The diary covers the events that led up to the Franks’ decision to hide in the annex as well as her experiences in hiding. It was published by Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank, after the war.

How long did the Franks hide in the annex?

The Franks covertly left their home on July 6, 1942 and made their way to the annex because Anne’s sister Margot was called to report to the work camps on July 5. The family lived in the annex along with the van Daans and a man named Albert Dussel for two years until they were discovered on August 4, 1944 and sent to the camps. 

Did Anne Frank survive?

No. Tragically, Anne, Margot, and their mother all died in the concentration camp. Only Otto Frank, Anne’s father, survived.

Where was the annex located?

The annex is a three-story space above the Opekta offices where Otto Frank worked on the Prinsengracht. The entrance to the annex was hidden by a bookcase and the Franks, van Daans, and Albert Drussel were assisted by Otto Frank’s most trusted employees.

What does it mean when Anne writes that she feels “like a songbird whose wings have been ripped off and who keeps hurling itself against the bars of its dark cage”?

In this line, Anne laments that she feels trapped in the annex. She is aware that she must stay inside for her own safety but she misses the outside world and compares herself to a bird who wishes to fly but cannot because its wings are broken.