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What is Robert Jordan’s nickname for Maria?

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Why does Maria have short hair?

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Why does Rafael leave his post guarding the camp?

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How did Pilar’s relationship with the toreador Finito end?

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Which of the following characters does not mention Maria’s physical beauty at some point during the novel?

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How do the guerrilla fighters store their wine?

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What is Andrés’s brother’s name?

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What does Maria say that prompts Robert Jordan to tell her that he loves her?

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To whom does Pablo whisper affectionately on the night that Robert Jordan arrives at the guerrilla camp?

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Which members of the guerrilla camp are at least partly of gypsy descent?

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Approximately how many days do the events of the novel span?

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Which characters are referred to as “old”?

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Which member of the guerrilla band stays at his observation post throughout the snowstorm?

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How did Kashkin die?

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Which of the following characters fights on the Fascist side?

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Who is killed or severely wounded by the explosion at the bridge?

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What is la gloria?

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Who, to our knowledge, does not pray during the time span of the novel?

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What does Robert Jordan compare to a merry-go-round?

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Who warns Robert Jordan to take Maria’s love seriously?

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What is Robert Jordan’s theory about why El Sordo’s camp was attacked?

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Why does Anselmo no longer pray if he says he misses it so much?

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What was Robert Jordan’s occupation in America?

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During which war does the novel take place?

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What happens at the very end of the novel?