Summary: Chapter Forty

The Republican military bureaucracy slows Andrés’s progress considerably. Andrés meets Captain Gomez, the battalion commander of the company Andrés encountered at the checkpoint. Gomez escorts Andrés to the brigade command office in his motorcycle. They pass war-ravaged trees on their way.

At the brigade command office, Gomez requests to speak to a superior, Lieutenant-Colonel Miranda. An apathetic subordinate officer says that Miranda is sleeping and refuses to wake him up until Gomez threatens the officer with a gun. A short time later, Miranda walks into the room and orders his subordinate officer to type up a letter of safe conduct for Andrés. Miranda orders Gomez to escort Andrés to General Golz’s headquarters.

Summary: Chapter Forty-one

The guerrilla fighters reach the place where they plan to leave their horses. The horses are to be Maria’s responsibility during the operation. Robert Jordan once again asks Pilar whether she understands what she is supposed to do, which greatly irritates her. He says goodbye to Pablo and is surprised by Pablo’s firm handshake. Robert Jordan thinks that perhaps all allies, like he and Pablo, hate each other deep down.

As Robert Jordan awkwardly says goodbye to Maria, he has a sense of déjà vu and feels very young. He is reminded of going away to school for the first time. He first felt very young and scared, but then, embarrassed by his father’s tearful good-bye, felt very old.

Robert Jordan, Anselmo, and Agustín separate from the rest of the group and head toward the bridge. Robert Jordan helps Agustín set up the machine gun and advises Anselmo about how to shoot one of the sentries. Robert Jordan takes his position and waits for daylight.

Summary: Chapter Forty-two

A truck accident delays Andrés and Gomez on their journey to General Golz’s headquarters. When they finally arrive, Gomez recognizes André Marty, a well-known military advisor, and asks him for help in locating General Golz. But Marty, who has become somewhat paranoid during the war, is suspicious and orders Andrés and Gomez arrested as Fascists.