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The Blind Assassin

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Parts XII & XIII

Summary Parts XII & XIII

Summary: The Globe and Mail, 1938

A newspaper article quotes Richard applauding the Munich Accord, believing that it would strengthen capitalism and business interests. The article also mentions that Richard is likely to pursue a political career as a member of the Conservative party.

Summary: Mayfair, 1939

A society article describes a fancy party given as part of a visit from the King and Queen of Britain and at which Iris and Richard are present.

Summary: The Be rage Room

The man and woman reunite. He is exhausted and seems to be in poor health. One war has ended, but he believes another one is going to start soon. She is happy to see him, and tells him she read the story about Zycron but was confused about why no other installments followed. He claims he did not have time to write them.

Summary: Yellow curtains

The outbreak of World War II takes the woman by surprise. She is increasingly committed to leaving her husband and fantasizes about creating an independent life where she can wait for her lover to return from war.

Summary: The telegram

The woman receives a telegram announcing a death. Snippets of the conversation relay her pretending to not even know the man whose death announcement she receives.

Summary: The destruction of Sakiel-Norn

The woman is haunted by dreams of her dead lover.