Summary: The golden lock

Iris describes the contents of Laura’s notebooks, which allude to her being molested by Mr. Erskine and also feature the photo of Laura with Alex. Then, in a cryptic code, Laura includes the dates and locations of the times when Richard raped her. Iris suddenly realizes that Richard had been abusing Laura all along and that he, not Alex Thomas, must have been the father of Laura’s child.

Summary: Victory comes and goes

A few weeks after Laura’s funeral, while Richard travels on business, Iris hatches a plan to get her belongings out of the house, and she takes Aimee with her to Port Ticonderoga. She leaves a letter for Richard, telling him that she knows what he did to Laura. She will not create a scandal, but she wants him to leave her alone and provide her with enough money so that she and Aimee can live independently. Iris also consults with Callista, who denies ever feeding Richard information about Alex’s whereabouts.

Winifred eventually comes to visit Iris, insisting that she return home. However, Iris accuses her of being complicit in Richard’s abuse, and insists that under no circumstances will she let him have contact with Aimee. Winifred reluctantly gives up. Using money from Richard and from Laura’s estate, Iris begins to build a modest life for herself and her daughter. She is often lonely, especially because Reenie dies only six months after she returns to Port Ticonderoga.

Summary: The heap of rubble

Iris describes sending off the manuscript for The Blind Assassin and having it accepted for publication. At first the novel attracts little attention, but eventually the sexually explicit content makes it a book of interest to the general public. This popularity leads to investigations into Laura’s life, threatening to expose Richard’s abuse. Richard is furious, and he also takes the novel as confirmation that Laura had a lover. Iris encourages him to believe this. Richard dies, and Iris implies that Richard’s death was suicide, covered up by Winifred to seem like natural causes. Out of rage and spite over Richard’s death, Winifred takes Aimee away from Iris.

Present-day Iris finally openly states that she is the author of The Blind Assassin. She presented it as being written by Laura because she wasn’t ready to openly admit the truth. But now that she is dying, she wants Sabrina to know the truth. She also explicitly states that Alex Thomas was Aimee’s father, so Sabrina has no biological connection to the Griffen family at all.

Summary: The Blind Assassin Epilogue: The other hand

The woman gazes at the photo of herself with the man at the picnic, fondly remembering their love. Although it caused her so much pain, she cannot bring herself to regret it.