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The Blind Assassin

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Parts X & XI

Summary Parts X & XI

Summary: Lizard Men of Xenor

The woman tracks down a copy of the pulp magazine where the man’s story has been published and reads it in secret. It includes some components of the story he has told her but omits the love story between the maiden and the blind assassin. Instead, Zycron is invaded by a force of Lizard Men from the planet Xenor, and the inhabitants of Sakiel-Norn ally themselves with the People of Joy. She clings to the hope of receiving a message from the man but never gets one. No other installments of the story appear in the magazine.

Summary: Mayfair, 1937

A society column notes a party given to celebrate the birth of Richard and Iris’s daughter, Aimee, who was born in the spring of 1937.

Summary: Letter from BellaVista

A letter addressed to Richard and dated May 1937 reports that Laura’s condition is not improving. She is being subjected to electro-shock therapy but continues to have “delusions” and some sort of fixation on Richard.

Summary: The tower

An unnamed woman, implied to be Iris, lives in a haze of depression and confusion after giving birth.

Summary: The Globe and Mail, 1937

A short news article describes the ongoing conflict in Spain.

Summary: Union Station

The woman imagines a fantasy in which the man returns to her and they are reunited.