Summary: The cafe

In The Blind Assassin, the man and the woman meet in a seedy cafe. The man is in hiding, and the woman urges him to try and get away. He explains that he can’t cross borders. Although they are lovers, the man sometimes says cruel things to the woman, who accepts this quietly.

Summary: The Port Ticonderoga Herald and Banner, 1933

A newspaper clipping describes how Norval Chase will donate clothing items from his factories to impoverished people suffering during the Great Depression. While the article praises this effort, it also notes that other manufacturers, such as Richard Griffen, have been critical of Norval’s action. While Norval is trying to be charitable, the economic downturn of the Depression is also impacting factory operations.

Summary: The chenille spread

The man brings the woman back to a rundown house where he is staying since the weather has gotten too bad for them to continue meeting outdoors. Although the man taunts her, they still make love. Afterward, he returns to telling her the story.

Summary: The Mail and Empire, 1934

A newspaper article features commentary from Richard Griffen, praising the actions of Prime Minister Bennett. After a Communist leader named Tim Buck was jailed and then released due to public outcry, Griffen sides with Bennett’s firm stance on doing whatever is necessary to oppose Communism.

Summary: The messenger

The man continues to tell his story to the woman. As part of a sacrificial ritual in Sakiel-Norn, any young woman who is going to be sacrificed undergoes a ritualized rape the night before her death so that she does not die a virgin (which would invalidate the religious offering). On one particular night, a young woman, who is not yet named, lies in wait for the chosen courtier to come and have sex with her. However, an assassin (one of the blind former child slaves) is coming to kill her so that he can dress in her clothes, be taken to the sacrifice site, and then assassinate the king using the element of surprise. The courtier who is coming to have sex with the girl is the same one who has paid for the assassination of the king, and the assassin is supposed to arrive to kill her and disguise himself as soon as the courtier leaves. Meanwhile, an invading army of another tribe is on a mission to sack and destroy the city.

Summary: The Mail and Empire, 1934

A newspaper article reports on violent events in the town of Port Ticonderoga. A strike by workers at the Chase factories has led to violence and looting in the town. Military forces had to be called in to quell the violence. Outside disrupters are being blamed for inflaming the local workers.