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The Blind Assassin

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Parts VIII & IX

Summary Parts VIII & IX

Summary: Carnivore stories

The woman meets the man. They have been having an affair for months. She tells him that she has to tell him something, but it is not clear to the reader what she discloses or even if she ends up saying anything. She also tells him that she has come up with a continuation of the Zycron story. She explains that the assassin offers the People of Joy information about how to get into the city. In exchange, he and the maiden can go to a desolate place which is rumored to be dangerous but where the people are actually very benevolent. They can join this new society and live in peace. The man counters with an alternate story: the assassin and the maiden barter entrance to the city for a chance to escape, but they end up wandering and endangered in the wilderness.

The man and the woman take a break from storytelling and she tells him that she is going away for a month on a famous new ship.

Summary: Mayfair, 1936

A society announcement describes the elegance and beauty the wealthy individuals sailing aboard the Queen Mary.

Summary: Peach Women of Aa‘A

Aboard the ship, the woman reminisces about her time with the man. Once, at her request, he told her a story about an alternate world where two male explorers found themselves surrounded by women who could seemingly meet their every need. However, they eventually came to find their life of luxury and plenitude stifling.

Summary: The Mail and Empire, 1936

A newspaper article reports on Richard making a speech that warned about the dangers posed by civil unrest in Spain and urged Canada to stay out of the conflict.

Summary: The Top Hat Grill

To the woman’s surprise, she and the man meet in a small diner. He tells her that he has a bit of money from selling one of his science fiction stories, and then he announces that he has gotten a fake passport and is going to be travelling to Spain to fight in the civil war. The woman tells him that when he returns, she will leave her husband. The man urges her to leave her husband now so that he won’t be tormented while he is in Europe, but she convinces him that she doesn’t have any money or any skills to make her own way in the world.