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The Blind Assassin

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Part VI

Summary Part VI

Summary: The houndstooth suit

In The Blind Assassin, the man and the woman continue to meet. He writes pulp science fiction novels and often finds his creativity stifled by the types of plots he must produce. He is increasingly dependent on the woman to supply him with money and small necessities. He reminisces about the less emotionally complicated relationships he has had with women in the past.

Summary: Red brocade

After making love, the woman urges the man to return to the Zycron story. The assassin decides that he will have sex with the sacrificial maiden before he kills her and disguises himself in her clothes. However, due to confusion around timing, the courtier who was supposed to have sex with her has not yet arrived, so she assumes that the assassin is the appointed courtier. With both of them confused about what is happening, they begin to fall in love. The woman notes that she is surprised by the turn the story has taken.

Summary: The Toronto Star, 1935

A newspaper article reports that Laura Chase has been located after rumors she had run away. The article states that there was simply a mix up and she had been safely with friends the whole time.

Summary: Street walk

The woman reflects on the burden created by the secrecy of her affair but also knows that she cannot give up the relationship with the man. She often feels vulnerable and exposed as an obviously wealthy woman venturing into seedy neighborhoods in order to meet with him.

Summary: The janitor

The man resumes the story. The assassin is now torn because of his feelings for the young maiden. He realizes that the courtier has not yet arrived, and he can hear the other man approaching the chamber. Thinking quickly, the assassin takes the body of a handmaiden whom he had killed when he arrived, puts the body in the bed, and then hides himself and the maiden. While the courtier is distracted with the body of whom he believes to be the maiden, the two sneak out and flee the city. Exhausted, they fall asleep and wake up surrounded by the People of Joy. The assassin convinces them that they are divine messengers.

Summary: Mayfair, 1936

A society column describes a lavish costume ball which was organized by Winifred and which Iris also attended.