1. How does Alex refer to his father and mother?

2. How many women does Alex rape in the novel?

3. What is P.R. Deltoid’s relationship to Alex?

4. How does Alex typically refer to himself when he is speaking to the reader?

5. What does Alex call his razor?

6. What is the name of the moral reformation treatment given to Alex?

7. Which composer is Alex listening to when he attempts to commit suicide?

8. What is the name of the dialect spoken by teenagers?

9. Which two teenage thugs later become police officers?

10. Where do the droogs first meet the old women who cover for their robberies?

11. In what section of town does Alex get caught by the police?

12. What kind of weapon does Dim use?

13. Which of his droogs does Alex fight?

14. What does Alex order from the Duke of New York in the last chapter?

15. What is the name of Pete’s wife?

16. What kind of animal is present when Alex is caught by the police?

17. What is the name of the prison in which Alex is kept?

18. By which number is Alex known in Part Two?

19. What part of the Bible does the chaplain suggest that Alex read?

20. To which two composers does Alex most often listen in Part Two?

21. Which section of the newspaper interests Alex most?

22. Where does Alex get attacked by Jack?

23. What is the name of F. Alexander’s manuscript?

24. How does Alex attempt to commit suicide?

25. How long is Alex in prison?