Summary: Chapter 62

Teabing is about to throw Sophie and Langdon out, but when Sophie mentions that they have found the keystone, he lets them stay. Outside, Silas hears the word keystone and prepares to enter. He plans to make them reveal the keystone’s location.

Langdon tells Teabing that all of the members of the Priory are dead. They guess that the Church itself figured out who the brothers were and killed them. They also surmise that the Church struck because it thought the Priory was planning to release the documents. Teabing says the Church may have thought the Priory would time the release of the documents to coincide with the end of the age of Pisces and the beginning of the age of Aquarius, when man will think for himself. Langdon tells Teabing where the keystone is. Silas enters the house with his gun drawn.

Summary: Chapter 63

Collet is outside the chateau. Fache tells him not to arrest the suspect without his presence. Collet thinks Fache is having doubts about Langdon’s guilt, or that he wants to take credit for the arrest himself. Collet and his policemen find the armored truck in front of the house and Silas’s rented Audi parked nearby.

Summary: Chapter 64

Teabing, Langdon, and Sophie look at the cryptex. Langdon tries to determine whether part of the box might contain a clue about the password. He finds a small hole in the interior. When he pushes the end of a paper clip through it, the rose falls out of the wood. Behind the rose there are some lines of text. As he is looking at the text, Silas hits him on the head.

Summary: Chapter 65

Silas has Teabing and Sophie at gunpoint. He orders Teabing to hand him the cryptex. Teabing agrees and then slashes Silas with one of his crutches, right on the punishment belt strapped around Silas’s thigh. Silas goes down, and they bind and gag him.

Summary: Chapter 66

Langdon, Teabing, and Sophie fool Collet and the police into going upstairs. Collet goes down to the barn and finds that most of the sports cars are there, with the exception of one.