Summary: Chapter 89

Fache is in Teabing’s plane with the box, which he found in the safe. He sees that the cryptex is empty. He takes a call from Vernet, who is desperate to get the box back and save his bank’s reputation.

Summary: Chapter 90

At the chateau, Collet discovers that the computer in the barn was conducting surveillance on five separate people, including Jacques Saunière. The other four people are important figures, including the head of French Intelligence. The agents on the scene also find blueprints that show that the bug was hidden in the replica of a knight on Saunière’s desk.

Summary: Chapter 91

Silas and Rémy have put Teabing in the back of the limo. The Teacher calls Silas and says that Rémy will bring him the keystone so he can be “dealt with.” The Teacher tells Rémy where to drop Silas and where to meet the Teacher. Rémy thinks Silas will be gotten rid of. He laughs to himself at the way the Teacher has used the Bishop and Silas as pawns.

Summary: Chapter 92

At Kings College, where the religious research database is housed, Sophie and Langdon speak with Pamela Gettum, who agrees to help them use the database. They show her only the first two lines of the poem and ask her to search for a knight who was buried by a pope in London. The search turns up too much data, and they have to show her the second two lines of the poem. She realizes that their search is related to the Grail and laughs at the number of Grail hunters who have come into her library. She starts a new search and tells them it will take fifteen minutes.

Summary: Chapter 93

Silas goes to the Opus Dei house in London, where he is welcomed by the numerary at the door and given a room. The numerary gets a call from the London police, who ask if an albino monk has been let into the house. When the numerary says yes, the police tell him not to alert the monk. They say they will be over immediately.

Summary: Chapter 94

Rémy meets the Teacher in St. James Park and accepts some cognac from his flask. The drink contains peanut dust, which Rémy is allergic to. Rémy slowly dies. The Teacher reflects on how unfair it was that knew immediately which tomb Saunière meant, since he had been bugging Saunière’s office and knew of his respect for this particular knight. Meanwhile, Bishop Aringarosa leaves the airport and is met by a British police deputy, who says that Fache told him to take Aringarosa to Scotland Yard. In the car, Aringarosa hears Opus Dei’s address being broadcast over the scanner. He demands that the officer take him there instead.