Summary: Chapter 102

Silas, wounded by a bullet in his chest, sits in Kensington Gardens. He prays for Bishop Aringarosa and for forgiveness and mercy. Before he dies, he feels in his heart that his Lord is good and merciful.

Summary: Chapter 103

Fache, leaving an interrogation of Teabing, goes to visit Aringarosa. Aringarosa is despondent at Silas’s death and the news that he killed the four brothers and the nun in Paris. Aringarosa asks Fache to distribute the money he planned to pay the Teacher amongst the families of the five people that Silas killed.

Summary: Chapter 104

Sophie and Langdon arrive at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. The inside of the cryptex contained a phrase directing them to Rosslyn, which had been built by the Knights Templar. For years, people have thought that Rosslyn might be where the Grail is held, but it’s never been proven. In the chapel, Sophie looks up at one of the arches. She knows she has seen it before. When she was very young, she fell asleep looking at the arch and woke up in time to see her grandfather saying goodbye to somebody who was on the porch of a nearby house. Sophie wanders toward the house.

The docent asks Langdon where he got the box, saying his grandfather made the same one for his grandmother. The docent lost his grandfather, parents, and sister in a car accident.

Sophie enters the house and finds her grandmother. The two women embrace. Sophie’s brother, the docent, comes into the house and embraces them both.

Summary: Chapter 105

Marie Chauvel tells Langdon the story of how the family separated. Sophie’s parents were of the blood line of Jesus and Mary, but they had changed their names for safety. Supposedly, they were in a car accident, but the grandparents suspected it was not actually an accident. They faked the deaths of the grandmother and Sophie’s brother, both of whom went into hiding in Scotland.