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In “Araby” the narrator travels to where at the end of the story?

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According to the newspaper article in the story, what causes Mrs. Sinico’s death in “A Painful Case”?

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Which Irish national figure is celebrated in “Ivy Day in the Committee Room”?

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What does Maria lose in “Clay”?

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Who narrates “An Encounter”?

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In “A Little Cloud,” what does Little Chandler dream about becoming?

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In “The Sisters,” what does Father Flynn hold in his hands?

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What does the narrator liken Eveline to when she freezes on the docks in “Eveline”?

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Where is Charles Ségouin from in “After the Race”?

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What does Corley procure from his date in “Two Gallants”?

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What does Miss Ivors call Gabriel when they dance together in “The Dead”?

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Where does Tom Kernan fall in “Grace”?

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What captures Gretta’s attention while the other guests leave the Morkan party in “The Dead”?

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Who is referred to as “The Madam” in “The Boarding House”?

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What does Maria do at the end of “Clay” that makes Joe Donnelly cry?

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What does Farrington do when he returns home in “Counterparts”?

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In “A Painful Case,” what does Mr. Duffy see in the park by his house?

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In “A Mother,” why does Mrs. Kearney storm out of the final concert with her daughter when it is only halfway through?

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Why does Farrington’s boss yell at him at the beginning of “Counterparts”?

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What does Gabriel look at outside of his hotel window in “The Dead”?

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What does Gabriel do in “The Dead” that no one else does during the party meal?

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What is one of the words that the boy of “The Sisters” thinks of when he looks through Father Flynn’s window?

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What sound in “Eveline” suddenly makes Eveline determined to escape her domestic life?

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How does Jimmy Doyle spend all of his money with his friends in “After the Race”?

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In “A Mother,” what does Mrs. Kearney insist her daughter learn, in addition to piano?