Colm Tóibín on Joyce’s Dublin: City of Dreamers and Chancers

An essay in which a respected contemporary Irish novelist reflects on the Dublin of 1904, the relationship that James Joyce had with it, and how this relationship led to the stories of Dubliners.

‘Have I Ever Left It?’ 100 Years After Dubliners, James Joyce’s Dublin and Mine

Written by Mark O’Connell, this essay includes an interactive map of Joyce’s Dublin. O’Connell uses Joyce’s Dublin as a springboard to talk about his own sense of the city a century later.

Money in James Joyce’s Dubliners

Professor Katherine Mullin’s short essay for the British Library’s “Discovering Literature” series explores how the money troubles Joyce experienced while writing Dubliners became a significant theme in the stories themselves.

The Dead: Distant Music and The Lass of Aughrim

This ten-minute podcast features Professor Harry White and others reflecting on the use of music in the short story “The Dead.” In addition to discussing Joyce’s interest in and relation to music, the podcast includes historical recordings of the particular pieces that feature prominently in the story.

The Long and Difficult Publication History of James Joyce’s Dubliners

Sean Hutchinson details the long struggle that Joyce had to endure before Dubliners saw the light of day. The problems began with complaints that the stories contained criminal obscenities, and a nine-year struggle ensued over the content of the work, with Joyce resisting the changes his London editor, Grant Richards, wanted him to make.