Sam and Eric are twin older boys on the island who are often referred to as one entity, Samneric, and who throughout most of Lord of the Flies, remain loyal supporters of Ralph. Sam and Eric are easily excited, regularly finish one another’s sentences, and exist within their own small group of two. Like Ralph and Piggy, Sam and Eric participate in the death of Simon, but insist that they left the dance early, too ashamed to admit what really happened. After Jack leaves to start his own tribe, the twins are two of the few boys who remain with Ralph and Piggy to help maintain the signal fire and look after the littluns. They bravely go with Ralph and Piggy to get the glasses back from Castle Rock. But after Piggy’s death, they are coerced and manipulated into joining Jack’s tribe. Sam and Eric try to warn Ralph about Jack and Roger’s bloodlust, but they are physically dominated the next day and reveal Ralph’s hiding spot in the underbrush.